Planetary Compendium
Titania is known as the "Red Planet" due to the huge ion storms that swirl dust from the surface of the planet into its stratosphere. Archaeologists have found surprisingly advanced ancient ruins on this planet, and, in fact, a high-tech, planetary defense system, code named "Goras," is still active. Travel to the planet has been prohibited because of to the threat to starships posed by this system.

Mission Briefing
Although traffic to Titania is usually restricted, Andross's scout forces have been detected on the planet. Cornerian planning is concerned that Andross might gain control of the planet's ancient Goras defense system. The Star Fox Team must make sure that this doesn't happen, and must also try to neutralize Goras. Since Corneria's defense forces do not have a tank corps, the Star Fox Team's Landmaster is the only vehicle that can do the job.

Use the Landmaster's rolling ability to avoid landmines.

Planetary Data
Radius         4,397 km
Albedo        .15
Gravity       .48
Esc Velocity   6.79 km/s
Equilibrium K  226
Atmosphere     N230 + O223 + CO242
Hydrographics  0%
Biomass        355 Quads
Class          D 


Medal Score: 150 hits
Checkpoint Goal: 60 hits

As usual, bombs will help you take out clusters of enemies in this mission. Destroying the lead ships in attacking squadrons with a charged laser bolt will take out the followers with a single shot. Also, if you destroy the lead robot on the right hillside with a bomb, it will sometimes cause a chain reaction with the other robots on the hill.


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