Nintendo E3 Bingo

This bingo card generator is provided by StarFox-Online

New Punch-out Game Fire Emblem Release Date More Smash Bros. DLC Laughtrack/Cheertrack Zelda Maker
New 3D Mario Announced Zelda Amiibo Zelda Playable Fallout 4 on Wii U Self-deprecating joke about Wii U sales
Bill is FIRED! Nintendo to acquire Konami Free SpaceN64 games on Wii U VC SNES Remix
Splatoon 2 Sonic the Hedgehog Miyamoto appears in a Nintendo Direct Star Fox playable More Mario Kart 8 DLC
Splatoon DLC Star Fox on 3DS Star Fox is puppets Nintendo to publish Yooka-Laylee Zelda in 2015 after all

Bingo card generator written by DZComposer from StarFox-Online